With a high capacity to work successfully with minimal direction, and a solid foundation of teamwork experience in junior, peer and senior roles, Mr. Dempsey has a proven ability to apply relevant skills effectively in diverse environments.

Mr. Dempsey has over 25 years experience as an Information Systems Professional, with a strong background in Systems Delivery, as well as in training and coaching System Delivery and Project Management resources. He has designed, developed and delivered effective educational and informational courses, workshops and presentations.

Mr. Dempsey’s background includes extensive systems development experience, primarily on large complex systems with public and private sector clients. Since 1989, Mr. Dempsey has worked extensively as a trainer and coach for several large client organizations. He is a certified graduate of Coach University, and a member of the Coachville Graduate School of Coaching and the Six Advisors Coaching Academy.


February 2004 – Present Independent Consultant / Coach / Trainer / Facilitator
 Roles – Coach, Group Facilitator, Website Developer and Support

Education – Investing, Marketing, Coaching, Internet Conferencing, Personal Assessments, Personal Development

 September 1979 – 2004 Fujitsu Consulting (aka DMR Group)

As a methods coach, provide project management support, coaching and knowledge transfer by assisting team members with project planning, project control and deliverable production.

As a program architect, hold primary responsibility for the overall architecture of the information systems delivery environment. Using appropriate delivery, maintenance and technology transition concepts and deliverables, manage the creation of owner, user and developer-level data, process and technology models. Design, implement and provide production and maintenance support for an intranet site integrating the people, process and technology components of the delivery environment, providing comprehensive information about, and access to, the products and services available to support development and maintenance projects, and integrating company standard methods with the processes of internal product and service providers. Assist the program manager with implementation strategies and plans. Identify, analyze, and document requirements and processes by meeting with management, support providers, and users to identify optimal solutions to customer needs. Transfer knowledge by assisting team members with deliverable production, and by preparing trained consultants to transfer knowledge of their discipline to their peers and customers.

Participate as a contributing team member to define a national Practitioner Development Program and its processes. In particular, contribute to the coaching practitioner certification and assignment processes, the definition of the learning network for coaching practitioners and the design, development and delivery of the initial learning events. As a coaching practitioner and program manager, support implementation in several Canadian offices.

Design interfaces required to integrate the personnel and pay subsystems with a central pay system. Specify and test the functional standards governing the user interface and the behavior of the on-line and batch processes of all subsystems.

Evolve conceptual, functional and physical data models, as well as provide architecture support, including the evolution of functional and design standards, the operating environment, production plan and runbook.

Provide individual and team coaching to business and technical staff on multiple system delivery projects, for multiple clients.

Facilitate workshops on various projects to capture data and process models. Design, develop and deliver seminars on various project management and system delivery disciplines, including data modeling, process modeling, code design, coding, testing, estimating, cost benefit analysis, implementation strategy and release planning. Assist in the management of transition projects and supporting tools, as well as the development of standards and guidelines. Design and develop presentations and self-learning events to enable client self-sufficiency in deploying the method

Evaluate a program code generator for a planned development environment; design and develop programs to convert and regularly verify and report information shared by two systems; evaluate the feasibility of a hardware and software configuration, supporting the on site entry and reporting of inspections data and two levels of centralizing information for processing; and develop strategy and conversion rules for migration from paper intensive to a relational database and optical disk environment.

Revise the Cost/Benefit Analysis of hardware and software configuration alternatives for systems supporting school administration and training.

Complete technical assignments for various clients. Create design standards, conduct technical reviews and approve functional specifications. Conduct research in support of hardware and software evaluations, and create, evaluate and support technical alternatives adhering to system requirements.

Design, develop and install financial, operations and inventory control systems. Complete conversion and maintenance activities on some of these systems. Design and develop interfaces between application sub-systems and an Account Payable package, as well as design, develop and install operation utilities.

Statistics Canada, Labour Division From February 1977 to September 1979

Development, maintenance and operation of various Tabulation and Data Manipulation programs, as well as responding to ad hoc requests.

H.R. Doane & Co., Chartered Accountants From September 1975 to August 1976

General accounting to financial statements and tax returns, as well as general audit support for various clients.

Parsons & Nicholson, Chartered Accountants From May 1975 to August 1975

General accounting to financial statements and tax returns, as well as general audit support for various clients.


University of New Brunswick 

Mathematics, Business, Computer Science, Science, Statistics

Fredericton, New Brunswick 

1973-76, 1982


  • Career Management at Fujitsu Consulting
  • Strategic Consulting Seminar
  • Productivity Plus® Intensive
  • Project Management Seminar
  • Technology Transition
  • CASE Conference
  • Quality Assurance – Quality Assurance Institute
  • Effective Negotiating
  • Nova Scotia Correspondence Study Service – Audit Technician I
  • Coaching Activities and Skills
  • Productivity Plus® Version 2.2
  • ProductivityCentre™ Versions 3.0, 3.1, 3.5, 4.0
  • Architecture™
  • Data Modeling Seminar
  • ORACLE 7 Programming
  • INTERSOLV User Group Conference
  • Creative Training Techniques
  • Presentation Techniques
  • DELTAK Structured Design and Analysis
  • Familiarization with ResultStation™
  • In-house Training – Y2000 for Architects
  • ProductivityCentre™ Maintenance Paths
  • Coach University 
  • Six Advisors Coaching Academy


  • Spoken: English
  • Written: English


Programming Languages Software/OS/DBMS Methodologies

  • HTML
  • Windows NT, 98, 2000
  • Macroscope
  • Javascript
  • Advanced BASIC DOS/POWER
  • WATFIV Display Writer 2
  • WATIV-S Excelerator
  • Dataflex MacDraw
  • APL PowerPoint
  • PL/SQL MacWrite
  • SQL Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel


  • AmiPro
  • UNIVAC S/3
  • IBM 4331 ICAM/IMS
  • IBM 4341 TIP/30
  • IBM 370 IMAGE
  • UNIVAC 1100 DB2/2
  • PDP – 11/70 SILVERRUN
  • HP 3000
  • VAX
  • Macintosh