June 2020 Net Worth Report + $7,128.64

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This Months Performance

Amount Change: +$7,128.64

My NW increased again this month. This was due to assets in my pension fund increasing and by continuing to add to both my savings & pension.

Finally (phew), my overall NW has recovered and exceed that of December 2019. Unfortunately, some of the stocks in the portfolio have not yet fully recovered are still worth less than just under 12% of the December high. This is discussed further below.

The breakdown:

The S&P500 rose by about 6% last month. My portfolio fell by 0.0001%. I did a little “quick fire trading” and lost about “10K (-$10, 780.75) if you really must know. I shorted some stocks that rampaged higher. I closed the positions and ate the losses. I was able to offset this with some profitable options trading, but still finished down about -$3,109.68.

I also took some profit from a health care stock (ABBV), but continue to hold a position in the portfolio. I suspect that ABBV may reduce the dividend due the significant debt it now carries following the acquisition Allergan (AGN).

The SP500 is weighted toward tech stocks with the top 5 components now making up over 20% of the total SP500

  1. MSFT
  2. AAPL
  3. AMZN
  4. FB
  5. GOOGL
  6. GOOG is number 6. If this stock is included, the value is closer to 22%

These tech stock have recovered very well and have lifted the entire SP index, but may other sectors are still struggling, including where I have some of my investments. Automotive, and energy have been hammered. I patiently await their recovery.

I added to saving according to my budget

I added to my pension fund again this month as i do every month and due to market performance the value increased by about 4%. My pension fund is invested across several asset classes including

How I Calculate My Net Worth

I calculate my network by simply adding the value of my assets including savings, pensions, retirement accounts etc. I then subtract any larger loans that are outstanding. I have an easy Money Management System based upon my annual and monthly budgets. This allows me to simplify the day to day and month to month expenses and to reduce the stress associated with the incoming bills.
I don’t include the small amount of money that is my “working capital”. This is used to buy food or is earmarked for a specific purpose in within the next couple of months. That way, I don’t need to add up the little bills each month either.

Why I calculate & Share

I have a goal to have a net worth of over USD1,000,000. Tracking it lets me know how I am doing in relation to that goal. I share it to keep me accountable and to show you that I practice (or at least try) what I preach.

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